Darwin Apartments: Redefining Self-Check in Accommodation

Checking in your hotel or apartment accommodation has never been the same since the advent of the automated self-check in kiosks. This redefined the way frequent travelers check into hotels and apartments. However, it also posed a number of issues that affected customer satisfaction and accommodation ratings and reviews. Some accommodation owners did not fully succumbed to the lure of a fully automated business, such that they retained their front desk reception. Instead of saving on operational costs and compete in the hospitality market, they ended up spending more and not getting the edge of an automated business. The competition in the hospitality industry is not a pretty one, especially with fully-staffed, and automated self-check into hotels.

Redefining self-check in accommodation is the key in making our Darwin Apartments a promising experience for anyone. Let us tell you how and why:

Darwin ApartmentsCheck in like you own it.

What is your experience in checking in at automated self-check in kiosks? Most of the time, it’s technical issues. Machines and software needs to be upgraded from time to time. With Signatures on Woods Apartments you can check in like you own it. You will have instructions sent to you prior or on the day of your arrival. In some instances, you are greeted in the lobby by the Manager to personally give you the keys to your designated apartment. You have a car that you need to park? No worries, we have allocated a parking space for you, properly labeled with your apartment number.

Speed up checkout process

Normally, when you are checking out , you need to allocate time for that because you will sign some papers at the reception or process your payment with them. With our apartments [link to booking], you maximize the time of your stay because prior to your last day of accommodation, you will be sent on where to leave your keys. After that, you are all good to go – no papers, no hassle.

Privacy and Security

What do you usually inside your hotel or apartment room? Sleep, rest, bathe and eat – these four things basically summarize your activity. You are most of the time, out of your room, seeing the sights or in a business meeting. It probably will not need cleaning until you check out. Therefore, you don’t need the cleaning staff to come and be in the room while you are out. This keeps your personal belongings safe.

You have read and heard horror stories that some hotel staff come in while they are sleeping. This is not something you will experience with our Darwin Apartments. When we issue you a key, your key is the only key that will be used to access your room – nothing else. It is active within the time frame of your stay and will be of no use after your checkout date. This keeps you and your belongings safe within the apartment room.

Pay for what you need

Because we don’t need many people to make this work, you get to pay for what you are getting. We are not charging you our operational costs, which makes Signatures on Woods Darwin Apartments a great choice when planning a staycation or for a business conference or meeting.

If you want value for your money and a place where you feel safe, our Darwin Apartments would be the best choice for you. Browse our website and get to see your next accommodation!