Darwin Holiday Apartment Checklist

Signatures on Woods at Oaks Elan BuildingAre you going to Darwin for a Holiday or simply attending a business conference? Have you looked into your Darwin accommodation? Whether you are in the market for a holiday apartment or an accommodation for a business transaction, you would want the basics to be covered. What are these basic necessities that will help to ease the stress of work and planning? Read on and find out:

Airport Pickup

What can better top a long plane trip than a very convenient airport pickup? Imagine your phone blinking its last battery life and you need to call for an airport pickup. Probably you would resort to hailing a cab, trying to fit your luggage into the trunk. So, look out for Darwin accommodation that provide airport pickup when you book. This way, you don’t have to worry about getting a cab. You just need to know the passenger’s pickup point.

Check in as if you own the place

You probably experienced checking in at hotels and the most common thing to do is go straight to the reception desk, sign some forms, get your keys and be escorted to your room. Then you give a tip to the concierge. There are apartments in Darwin that you can check in as if you own the place. This type of service saves on paperwork as well as time and are called, self-check-ins. You park your car in the space allocated for you, secure your room keys from a lock box and off you go to your room.

A Comfortable, Spacious Bed in a spacious, well-furnished apartment

What can be more satisfying after a long plane trip than a comfortable, spacious bed in a spacious, well-furnished apartment? Look for apartments that provide a queen or king size bed whether you are getting a one or two-bedroom apartments. Ensure that you get a good night’s rest with such type of beds.

Spectacular balcony view

Not ready to doze off yet? Choose an apartment that provides a spectacular balcony view. Even if you are not in Darwin for a holiday, you get to enjoy and relax with a great balcony view. That’s way better than spending all day cooped up in your room, waiting for a business meeting, right?

Working Wi-fi, Self-Service Laundry, Functional Kitchen

Even if you are away on a holiday, there are instances that work needs to be checked or documents need to be signed. Allocate time to respond to your work emails or post your holiday selfie with an apartment’s working wi-fi. In addition, accomplish two things at the same time. Get that laundry done while you are cooking your breakfast with a functional kitchen. You don’t have to spend time and money looking around for a place to eat. You can plan to cook your own meal and save up on money.

Looking at the above mentioned checklist, you’d realize that these are actually what you already have at home. Indeed, go to your business meeting or spend some time with the family on a day tour in Darwin and feel that you did not leave home – only when you decide to check in one of the holiday apartments in Darwin.