The Effect of Jet Lags on the Travelers

jet lag

Traveling is an exciting time for the seasonal traveler, especially if it is for a holiday. However, for the business traveler, it is a normalcy that occurs every day or every other time, depending on the need.

Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, jet lag is a common experience when you are going to a place with a different time zone from where you are coming from. Familiar to the frequent flyer are the following symptoms:


Insomnia or difficulty of getting enough sleep

You are already tired with countless business meetings and conferences, but somehow, you toss and turn in bed. Your body is screaming for sleep but you just don’t know why sleep doesn’t happen and if it does, you wake up after two hours or less. Frustrating, isn’t it?

When you are traveling to a place with a different time zone from where you are coming from, this can happen to you. In fact, you almost always expect it to happen, right? This is because your circadian rhythm or internal body clock is disrupted. Your body has to adjust before it tells you that it’s time to sleep.


For instance, you are travelling from New York to Darwin. There is a big time difference between these two locations and arriving in Darwin will give you just enough time to prepare for a business meeting or conference, right? What happens to the body at this time?

During this time, there is a rush of stress hormones in your system, which can cause you to be irritable. Add this to the fact that you haven’t got enough shut eye time from the moment you step on the plane up to the time you are in a meeting.

Frequent travelers will probably tell you that they get to sleep on the plane. True, you can always get some shut down time during a long flight, but not everyone can do so. Airline cabin atmosphere and pressure changes contribute to feelings of discomfort in a limited space, thus sleep doesn’t usually happen.

As such, it is important that you and your company take active roles in choosing destination accommodations carefully. Choosing an apartment accommodation will help the traveler feel like they are still at home, in addition to it being a more affordable choice. The next time you are travelling to Northern Territory for business, try some Darwin accommodation for travelers to feel the comfort of home.