Top Three Things to do in Darwin City

Spending a day or two in an apartment in Darwin City? Who says you can’t do anything fun in Darwin during a business trip? Even if you are in Darwin for business, you can always squeeze in a day for a bit of fun. Here are our top three picks to do while in Darwin

Adelaide River Cruise with the Jumping Crocs

Most of the time, you see crocodiles in the National Geographic pounce on its prey. You don’t see it jump! Well, the rivers of Darwin are the natural habitat of the crocodiles. Arrange yourself an Adelaide River Queen Cruise and experience feeding one of the crocs in the river and see for yourself that these crocodiles really jump!

Experience the adrenaline pump of your life with the Cage of Death

If your experience in the Adelaide River Cruise is not enough, get yourself some adrenaline pump with this one. To be up close and personal with a big and alive crocodile is not something you want to do. However, Crocosaurus Cove made it possible for locals and tourists alike to see the crocodile in action under the water for 15 minutes. The Cove operates daily and their prices include a full day entry.

Spend a quiet afternoon with Mindl Beach sunset

Find something to bring home to your loved ones from the Mindl Beach Market. Breathe in the sea breeze while sipping a margarita or brandy as you take in the beautiful sunset on Mindle Beach. Feel the stress go away and ready yourself for the next work day as you lounge on the beach and enjoy yourself with breathtaking views of fun in the sun.

These are just quite a few of the things that you can do whilst in Darwin City. The city is a thriving place of culture, business and fun. You can always find something to do in Darwin City! Book your Darwin accommodation today and enjoy the sights!


Videos from Crocosaurus Cove and The Blonde Abroad